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For Sale 5-Star Resort with Stunning Natural Setting

Discover a one-of-a-kind resort experience at this 5-star property, situated on a sprawling 8500m2 of land with a total building floor of 13210m2 across 7 floors and 2 towers. With 47 units and 49 rooms, the resort offers an intimate and exclusive experience for guests.

  • Title: Freehold

  • Bedrooms: 49

  • Land Size: 8500 m2

  • Building Size: 13120 m2

Bali Villas for Sale - PV179 1

Bali Villas, Bali Properties and Real Estate for Sale

Have you ever thought of renting a house or maybe buying a villa in Bali, spending your days in dreamy places with breathtaking landscapes?

Well, if you have ever asked yourself: “can I buy a house in Bali?” Well, the answer is yes and this dream could become a true reality.

Discover the possibility of conquering your own magnificent piece of paradise among the beauty of this wonderful island.

We offer a wide range of properties for sale in Bali, where you are sure to find what’s right for you. We have the complete answer to all your needs with villas in Bali for vacation in quiet and secluded settings, for those looking for a space in total privacy.

So many people around the world are looking for fabulous facilities that can give all the sumptuousness that only a villa can offer.

Bali is a truly popular and ever-growing dream destination: currently, the attractions are not limited to a single beach resort.

In Bali you will find an enchanting blend of traditional heritage, ideal surfing locations, and vibrant business districts.

From the North of the island with the large, quiet Hindu temples to the modernity and hustle and bustle in the South, this land has much to offer all types of people.

Because of its prime location, you have suggestive places like Seminyak, Canggu, Kuta, Jimbaran, Ubud. These are vibrant cities with great places for surfing, where you can find not only Spas, but also many chic cafes and restaurants for all tastes.

You will have the best beaches at your disposal, to see exceptional sunsets.

Residences in prime locations, properties in Bali for sale in the most developed areas, built in the best places.

Stay in the beating heart of the tourist hub, within walking distance of the glittering bars and beach clubs. In fact, there are numerous luxury villas in Bali in this area, yet sheltered from the crowds in full privacy.

Or, you can find the ideal home in Bali among the charming villages and beautiful coastline to be even more immersed in tranquility.

We provide the best selection of rental properties in Bali with solutions for all budgets and needs. Plus, we offer accommodations ranging from the minimalist studio apartment design to the coolest three-bedroom penthouse with a private solarium, complete with a lounge to take in all the beauty of the sky.

Villa Bali’s sales network provides access to the highest quality Bali luxury properties and homes for sale to buyers worldwide.

With us, you’ll get complete assistance, from help with the process of finding, renting or buying property in Bali, whether for villas or land.

From modern beachfront villas in Bali with boundless pools stretching to the Ocean, to hillside villas with wraparound terraces overlooking green rice fields right at your doorstep, Prestige Property Bali has over 1000 luxury villas for sale in Bali of all types.

You can evaluate villa in Bali by the sea, in the mountains or in the heart of the city. All the properties offered in our selection of villas for rent in Bali are the perfect backdrop for any dream vacation and stay.

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Why Villa Bali sale?

Indulge in luxury treatment in Bali villas

Bali – also known as “the island of the gods” – is located between the island of Lombok and the island of Java.

It is an earthly paradise with breathtaking lush nature scenery, magnificent mountains overlooking the coastline and spectacular rice terraces, not to mention, white sandy beaches lined with palm trees.

Bali is for all intents and purposes, one of the nation’s most popular tourist destinations and boasts the best range of accommodations in Indonesia.

In fact, in Bali you can find some of the most lavish villas in the world. There are housing solutions of all prices and you can own one of these charming Bali villas in different areas of the island.

Prestige Property Bali offers a wide range of Bali homes and vacation home locations-you’ll just have to choose the ideal location for properties in Bali to buy.

We will help you identify your favorite location for villa in Bali for sale with some details about the main locations.

Buying property in Bali for future investment

Some of us have dreams of coming home to a villa in Bali for vacation surrounded by palm trees, while others are thinking of buying a house in Bali to make a long-term profit from it.

Having a property for sale in Bali Indonesia is not only convenient for spending leisure days, but also represent a safe investment.

In fact, owning villas in Bali in strategic areas can be very profitable and guarantees ROI, providing a perfect asset for investors.

This island gives you the opportunity to create your own little paradise with a wide selection of properties for sale in Bali. Savvy investors know this: they have long had their eyes on Bali.

Many of them are relocating to take advantage of the opportunity for rental accommodation, while at the same time they are enjoying the property for themselves, disposing of it as they prefer.

After buying your villa in Bali, you will find that prices are steadily rising due to a large influx of international tourists coming to the island each year.

Bali villas for sale with legal assistance

Falling in love with Bali takes no time at all! The dreamy tropical atmosphere, the endless charm of its culture and the hospitality of its inhabitants will captivate your heart and mind.

Even before you leave, you will already feel like rescheduling your return trip and more!

In fact, we are sure that after visiting Bali, one of your dreams will be to have adequate accommodation on the island to save you, from the inconvenience of hotel reservations.

However, whatever intention you have, whether to have a house to reside in permanently or to opt for rental accommodation, villas in Bali must be legalized.

Converting a Bali property for sale, into your own legal property requires several hours of paperwork and a lot of work.

Overall, the legalization of a property in Bali can be complex, especially if you are not familiar with Indonesian laws and property management rules.

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