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Leasehold Property Investment in Bali

Why Should You Consider Purchasing Leasehold Properties in Bali?

Real estate cost in Bali is cheaper than the other paradise islands. Besides, the Indonesian government strives to promote foreign investments in Bali's real estate market by streamlining the taxation system, terms and conditions regarding property transactions, and imposing foreign investor legislation. But if you are planning to purchase real estate in Bali, the most important thing you should know is...

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Villas for Lease in Bali: A Comprehensive Guide to Read Before Investing in

In the post-global pandemic, Bali has made a comeback, and the growing demand for property investments in 2023 is proof! And if you want to live in Bali or create a business here by renting out the villas, leasehold is the best option, especially when you are a foreigner. After all, owning a property in Bali is not an option for non-Indonesians unless they will build a PT. PMA company. But...

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