Selling Procedure

  1. First of all it is very important to choose a professional real estate agency that gives you confidence, transparency and assistance. You can choose to work in exclusivity with just one agency or have more than one without any exclusivity.
  2. Selling a property in Bali involves some costs besides the real estate agents fee. Especially tax. There are several types of taxes and fees incurred by the property seller
  3. The Indonesian government, like any other government, imposes taxation obligations on foreign investors and it is therefore essential to obtain qualified legal advice from a lawyer/legal advisor.
  4. The taxation depends on which property you want to sell, if your villa or land have freehold or leasehold title, for both the Land & Building tax has to be paid up to date when selling the property or land.
    • Leasehold property 10% income tax (PPH)
    • Freehold property 2,5% income tax (PPH)
Bali Villas for Sale - prestige selling procedure

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