4 Things to Know Before You Make a Bali Villa Investment

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Bali has become one of the most popular tourist spots across the world due to its mesmerising beauty of nature and surfing locations, making it a little paradise. So, it’s no surprise that looking for Bali property for investment has become a trending topic among foreigners, leading to growing tourism on this island. On the other hand, it impacts the rental market more in Bali since it has become the favourite holiday destination.

And if you are thinking of investing in a villa in Bali, you need to be aware of some valuable insights you may haven’t considered before. Have a look!

Valuable Insights to Know Before Choosing a Bali Villa for Investment

Being interested in Bali real estate for investment is no surprise, and we understand that. That’s why we are here to guide you through the process so you can choose a little slice of paradise worth investment!

But before that, here are the things you need to be well aware of:

#1: Is investing in Bali property worth it?

Of course, it is. If you are a foreigner, you can invest in Bali properties even without holding citizenship. Moreover, the best advantage of Bali villa investment is its huge ROI up to 12% or more, depending on the area of the high vacation rental demand for tourists here.

There are three options for a foreigner for Bali property investment-

  • Freehold property in case of 100% PT. PMA company
  • Leasehold property
  • Rental property, an especially popular option for villa rentals and commercial lands

However, make sure you read the extension agreement carefully before investing!

How to invest in Bali property
4 Things to Know Before You Make a Bali Villa Investment 3

#2: Identify the best property in Bali-

Bali is a great place to invest in a villa since this island is full of charm and potential. That’s why the villa investment market is flourishing these days here. But before investing, identify the right property meeting your requirements. For example, you need to determine your goal- whether you want a villa as a private residence or just for investment or even both.

Now, when you arelooking for a Bali villa just for investment, you should go for the properties where investing will be highly profitable, like the most visited destinations. However, villas around the restaurants and beach clubs come with a higher price.

#3: Type of property you should invest in-

If you have been in Bali for a few months, you may have been familiar with its real estate market. And while wondering which kind of property you should invest in, it depends on your plans. For instance:

  • Investing In off-plan villas is best when you want to resell them later. However, it can be a risk compared to investing in a finished villa.
  • While investing to earn a passive income, turnkey villas are best where you can generate rental income without lifting a finger since it comes with a management program!

#4: How to invest in Bali property-

The process of Bali property investment can be easier if you work with professional real estate agents and follow the legal advice of a Notary Public and Lawyer to ensure property legalisation complies with the current regulations. In short, you need to look for a reliable real estate service in Bali.

In Conclusion

Want to invest in Bali villas? We can help. At Prestige Property Bali, a real estate and rental marketplace, we will not just help you find the right villa for your investment but handle the legalisation process of the property you are interested in.

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