Understanding the Real Estate Market of Bali Before Investment: How to Start with

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Hey, how about spending your days on an island and waking up with a view of breathtaking landscapes? Sounds like a dream? Not anymore if you could be in Bali!

‘Bali’- This name doesn’t need any introduction! It’s now probably the most desirable tourist destination for travellers. In fact, Bali has become the biggest place for investment for foreigners, and they don’t need to have any Indonesian citizenship for that. Acquiring the right to use (hak pakai) and right to build (hak guna bangunan or HGB), they can have the right to use the land in a specific way for the first initial period of 25 years and extension of up to a total of 80 years.

Within this period, a foreigner can sell or pass on the property to the next generation as an inheritance. However, to be eligible for a HGB, he needs to set up a foreign-owned company (PT PMA), and for hak pakai, he needs to have a limited stay permit (KITAS) or permanent stay permit (KITAP).

But, being a foreigner, before you invest in Bali real estate, there are more things you need to know to make an informed decision, especially understanding and researching the local real estate market and its trends. In today’s blog, you will be witnessing how to start a valuable insight into it. Let’s get started.

How to Research Bali Real Estate Market Before Investing in

While dreaming of investing in Bali villas for sale, you need to do thorough research to understand the local real estate market trends and discover the hidden gems to empower yourself with important decision-making. Comprehensive research can help you find the perfect property that meets your requirements. Here’s how to start:

Researching real estate market before investing
Understanding the Real Estate Market of Bali Before Investment: How to Start with 4

Local Bali Real Estate Market Trends

Speaking of the real estate market of Bali, it’s dynamic, and its trends have evolved eventually. Understanding these local market trends can give you a clear idea of the popular property types for sale, such as modern beachfront villas with pools stretching to the ocean or hillside villas with wraparound terraces, emerging locations and investment opportunities.

However, real estate market dynamics keep changing depending on a few vital factors:

  • Tourism growth
  • Infrastructure development
  • Government initiatives

So, always stay well aware of the latest real estate market reports and property exhibitions and keep connected with local experts to gain details about the main location, competitive edge and deep understanding regarding the current market trends of Bali real estate.

Bali real estate market trends
Understanding the Real Estate Market of Bali Before Investment: How to Start with 5

Discovering Hidden Gems

Once you have well-researched and understood Bali real estate market trends, it’s time to unveil the hidden gems of Bali. If you want to fetch unique investment opportunities, you should invest in lesser-known locations, such as serene countryside villas or relaxing beachside villas. The more you expand your research for such hidden gems of Bali, the more exceptional properties you will be able to find. Moreover, if you have a plan to give the property for rent, it will draw more potential travellers!

How to Make Informed-decisions

Beyond discovering the hidden gems in Bali and gaining insight into the current real estate market, it’s necessary to follow these tips to make an informed decision regarding your investment. Such as:

  • Engage with the leading rental marketplace and real estate professionals to have valuable details about the market. They will help you identify not just your favourite location for Bali villas but create your little paradise through property legalisation adhering to Indonesian laws and property management rules.
  • Look for long-term investment opportunities and immediate returns before investing in Bali real estate for sale. Make sure you consider and analyse the factors, for example, capital appreciation, rental demands and future developments, to figure out the profitable investment potential of the property.
  • Always visit the Bali villa or property in person in which you are investing. It’s an unavoidable step. Thus, you can understand the condition of the land and neighbourhood while enjoying the feel of the surroundings!

In Conclusion

So, are you ready to invest in the real estate market in Bali? We hope you understand where or how to start. Research is the basis to ensure a successful real estate investment, whether it be local real estate market trends or discovering hidden gems. It will help you make an informed decision.

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