How to Buy and Build a Luxury Villa in Bali: A Guide for Foreigners

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What is the first place that comes to your mind for property investment? Isn’t it Bali? Its breathtaking landscapes are no less than a dreamy place, making it a dream destination for foreigners! No wonder the demand for Bali luxury villas is at its peak for sale. 

What if you can buy a home or build a house in Bali? Well, your answer will be, no doubt, YES! But if you are a foreigner, you have to consider a few things in this case. Let’s get started!

Steps Foreigners to Take to Build Luxury Villas in Bali

Without a doubt, buying or building a luxury villa in Bali is thrilling and exciting! After all, living on such a little gorgeous island in the cradle of Mother Nature is a blessing.

However, it can be daunting for foreigners due to some challenges of owning villas here. But if you keenly desire to build your dream home here, it’s high time. You just need to follow these steps below to buy or construct a Bali villa safely as a foreigner.

Leasehold Bali Villa

The foremost thing to do is understand the legal requirements for owning a villa in Bali as a foreigner. Here, foreigners are allowed only to buy Bali properties on leasehold. It means you can lease a property or a home from the owner for a specific period and extend that if required. 

For leasehold holders, here are two options- Hak Guna (Right to Build) and Hak Pakai (Right to Use). To build your property, you need to own a PT PMA company to utilise the right of Hak Guna (Right to Build).

If you can’t do that, the only legal option is Hak Pakai (Right to Use) to leasehold an existing villa or empty land to build your villa as per your preferences. In this case, you can lease for up to 25 years first and extend it up to 70 years using Hak Sewa ( Right to Lease).

Determine the Type of Bali Properties to Leasehold

Well, you can get three options here.

  • First, you can leasehold an empty plot and build your villa just like you have always dreamt of.
  • Second, you can leasehold an off-plan villa, which is under construction.
  • Last but not least is lease holding an existing villa matching your preferences and budget. 

For the last one, you just need to move in whenever you want. For the rest, you need to count the construction expenses. So, determine your choice before going ahead!

How to Buy and Build a Luxury Villa in Bali: A Guide for Foreigners
How to Buy and Build a Luxury Villa in Bali: A Guide for Foreigners 3

Research and find the perfect land

Of course, you may have already sorted the list of Bali areas you fancy to leasehold land or home there. Before planning, do in-depth research on those locations to ensure the best one.

Make sure you pay attention to building codes, zoning laws and local regulations there. Also, keep in mind that popular locations can cost you higher, while the rural areas come in slightly affordable deals.

Looking for Complete Legal Assistance on Buying and Building Leasehold Villas in Bali?

The dream ambience of nature, endless charm and hospitality can make you fall for Bali in no time! So, no wonder you would like to have a home here to reside in or opt for a rental option. You just need to leasehold the Bali villa and legalise it. The legal procedure can be complex and take hours of paperwork.

Moreover, if you are unfamiliar with Indonesian laws, count on Prestige Property Bali. We can help you find the best villas and legalise the property during the leasehold process. 

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