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Leasehold Property Investment in Bali

Why Should You Consider Purchasing Leasehold Properties in Bali?

Real estate cost in Bali is cheaper than the other paradise islands. Besides, the Indonesian government strives to promote foreign investments in Bali's real estate market by streamlining the taxation system, terms and conditions regarding property transactions, and imposing foreign investor legislation. But if you are planning to purchase real estate in Bali, the most important thing you should know is...

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How to Buy and Build a Luxury Villa in Bali: A Guide for Foreigners

What is the first place that comes to your mind for property investment? Isn’t it Bali? Its breathtaking landscapes are no less than a dreamy place, making it a dream destination for foreigners! No wonder the demand for Bali luxury villas is at its peak for sale.  What if you can buy a home or build a house in Bali? Well, your answer will be, no doubt, YES! But if you are a foreigner, you have...

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How Much Do You Really Know About Leasehold Property in Bali?

Dreaming to own a villa in Bali? Well, you are not the only one! After all, where else can you find such breathtaking landscapes, surfing locations and mesmerising scenic beauty? So, no wonder tourists and foreigners feel attracted to visit Bali again and again! However, we have discovered that foreigners have this misconception that investing in Bali properties for sale is not much worthwhile, especially...

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Leasehold Land in Bali or Rental: Which Is Best for Foreign Investors?

Are you a non-Indonesian? Are you looking to invest in a property here for your tourism business? Then, nothing can be a better location than Bali. It is an earthy paradise with the breathtaking beauty of nature, including mountains, white sand beaches with palm trees, great locations for surfing, and much more. No wonder it is known as ‘The Island of the Gods’.   Should a...

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