4 Best Places in Bali to Leasehold Villas: A Brief Guide for Expats

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Hey, looking for a perfect place to move? If you love nature and want to wake up every day in the cradle of Mother Nature’s beauty, nothing can be a better location to move to than Bali! Now, if you are an expat, the only way to invest in a Bali villa is to leasehold it if you are going to reside here.

But, before doing so, we think you need to take a look at the best places to move in here. After all, Bali isn’t as small as you think! Let’s get started.

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4 Best Places in Bali to Leasehold Villas: A Brief Guide for Expats 4

Which Are the Best Places for Bali Villa Investment for Expats Desiring to Move?

Maybe Bali seems to be just a small place on the beachside, but that’s quite larger than you can even think. There are multiple cities inside it where you can look for the best villas for investing in that meet your unique living needs and lifestyle.

Well, we have shared a little summary of some amazing towns of Bali where you can find leasehold villas for sale and ideate which one is perfect for you to move in.


It’s quite popular as an amazing tourist destination on the west coast of Bali and a fashionable city. Whether you are a shopper, food lover, or party-goer, Seminyak will never fail to surprise you! Its world-class beach clubs, shopping centres and restaurants will let you enjoy amazing music, delicious food and cocktails, regardless of age.

In fact, being an expat, you will definitely fall for ‘Eat Street’, the unforgettable dining option here. So, while investing in Bali villas to move in, you should definitely take a look at the locations in Seminyak.


Looking for a seaside location in Bali for fresh and friendly vibes around? Canggu is the right place to stay. In fact, this town has more things triggering the excitement, from surfing to hanging out in its top-class beach clubs to restaurants, cafes, spas and shopping areas. In short, everything will be at your fingertips if you move here.

Moreover, being a seaside location, Canggu offers pleasing aesthetics and amazing views, making every morning vibrant and exciting!


Legian is quite popular as the ‘entertainment capital’ for its mouthwatering foods and drinks, non-stop music and party and shopping, of course! If you want to enjoy a relaxing vibe every day, leaseholding a villa around the beautiful white sand beaches will be a great idea.

And, the amazing part is that this city is mostly pedestrian-friendly, which means you can enjoy your evenings exploring the gorgeous town by walking along its alleyways and streets. Here, you will discover hidden gems such as traditional Balinese venues, aesthetically pleasing cafes, and the thriving shopping hub. 


This city is also an amazing choice to move in, especially if you love beach life and surfing. In fact, if you are looking for a quieter place with the mesmerising beauty of nature, like crystal shimmering water, sandy beaches and ocean views, Uluwatu is a great place to stay.

Best Places in Bali to Leasehold Villas
4 Best Places in Bali to Leasehold Villas: A Brief Guide for Expats 5

In Conclusion

We hope our guide will be helpful for you to find the best place to move in Bali. But, no matter which one you choose, we suggest having local real estate professionals by your side, like Prestige Property Bali, offering a wide range of Bali villas for sale and vacation homes. We are familiar with Indonesian laws and rules for property management for expats regarding leasehold and property legalisation.

So, no more waiting! Click here to see our best property list for sale!

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