Why Bali Villa Sale?

Bali – also known as “the island of the gods” – is located between the island of Lombok and the island of Java.

It is an earthly paradise with breathtaking lush nature scenery, magnificent mountains overlooking the coastline and spectacular rice terraces, not to mention, white sandy beaches lined with palm trees.

Bali is for all intents and purposes, one of the nation’s most popular tourist destinations and boasts the best range of accommodations in Indonesia.

In fact, in Bali you can find some of the most lavish villas in the world. There are housing solutions of all prices and you can own one of these charming Bali villas in different areas of the island.

Bali Villas for Sale - prestige selling procedure

Prestige Property Bali offers a wide range of Bali homes and vacation home locations- you’ll just have to choose the ideal location for properties in Bali to buy.

We will help you identify your favorite location for a villa in Bali for sale with some details about the main locations.

Seminyak is famous for its beautiful sunset beaches, bars, world-class beach clubs, beach area, and some of Bali’s most elegant villas in town.

We have some beautiful Seminyak vacation villas available with large private gardens and swimming pools. The whole area is easily accessible wherever you choose to stay.

For those who enjoy surfing, a great place to stay is near Canggu, a trendy beach resort on the island, famous for its big waves and ideal surfing spots.

On the other hand, if you love a quieter, more relaxed style of vacation, Ubud is the right place to stay.

Here you can enjoy spectacular hillside scenery with an assortment of beautiful villas overlooking verdant rice fields.

Most accommodations in Ubud are within walking distance of the market center. The main streets are lined with art galleries, craft stores, a museum, and an overall relaxed atmosphere.

You can take a walk or bike ride along a paved path that leads to the sacred hills of Campuhan.

The Ubud Highlands region is also suitable for those who enjoy rafting and more adventurous vacations.

In short, whatever part of Bali you are considering, we have the perfect vacation villa for you.

It’s time to search and find the right property for sale in Bali that suits your vacation style.

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