How Much Do You Really Know About Leasehold Property in Bali?

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Dreaming to own a villa in Bali? Well, you are not the only one! After all, where else can you find such breathtaking landscapes, surfing locations and mesmerising scenic beauty? So, no wonder tourists and foreigners feel attracted to visit Bali again and again!

However, we have discovered that foreigners have this misconception that investing in Bali properties for sale is not much worthwhile, especially when speaking of owning them since they can’t own freehold properties.

But that is not true! Even for expats, the real estate here comes with a great opportunity with leasehold property in Bali for villas and owning freehold lands in some cases.

Let us clear up your confusion!

A Depth-in Insights About Leasehold Property in Bali

Investing in a place like Bali is really a great idea whether you want to start your tourism business since travellers these days prefer this wonderful island as a perfect vacation spot or want a steady income source by renting it out.


But if you think Bali real estate is not a good investment just because you are a foreigner and cannot own a freehold property, you are WRONG! There is an amazing option for you. Let’s ease your concerns:

Freehold and Leasehold Property in Bali

Apparently, a non-Indonesian cannot own a freehold property in Bali. But when it comes to a PT. PMA company (100% foreigner company), you can buy a freehold property here and set up your business.

Otherwise, another great alternative is leasehold property in Bali. A foreigner can invest in it and fetch high ROI by giving the villa for holiday rentals in Bali because the property value increases quickly here. Furthermore, Bali villa rentals are in high demand these days since this wonderful island has become one of the most popular holiday destinations now. 

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What Makes Investing in Leasehold Property in Bali Worthwhile?

As mentioned previously, Bali has become the top holiday destination now for its magnificent beauty of paradise, attracting more and more travellers. Hence, it would be a great idea for a foreigner to spend on leasehold property and give it for holiday rentals to gain a quick profit.

Or you can invest in Bali real estate and lease land to have a vacation home. It is the most secure way for a non-Indonesian to have a property on such an amazing island although the ownership will belong to the original landowner.

On the contrary, leasehold properties are more affordable in Bali compared to freehold but of high quality. So, whether you run a PT. PMA company or not, you can lease any land here within your budget and continue your business. 

Or you can sell your leasehold property anytime or rent and sublease it to any business to maximise your passive income and enjoy a good ROI.

However, the lease length can be different for every villa or Bali property for sale. But usually, it is a long-term agreement, like leasing land for 25 years first. And if required, you can extend that up to 70 years.

Bottom Line

So, if you cannot freehold property in Bali for villas or business, don’t be disappointed! Leasehold property in Bali is a great option for foreigners and an advantageous investment in Bali real estate. And if you are seeking an ideal property here, count on us, the leading real estate marketplace.

We, Prestige Property Bali, can help you find one meeting your needs. Also, our experts can help you with property legalisation as well, besides identifying your favourite spots.

For the best price estimates and property lists, contact us now!

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